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Money Idioms

Idioms are expressions that are natural to a native speaker of a language and they are typically metaphorical. They make our point clear and they are an economical way of getting the point across. Also, idioms are very widely used in spoken English by native speakers and because of that it is very important to […]

Expressions with “Finger”

There are, obviously, many idiomatic expressions that use the word finger, but I’ll show you the ones I think are most commonly used. Here’s my Top 10 list. 01) To have a finger in every pie: this one is used to talk about someone who’s very influential because he’s involved or has influence in many different […]

How do you say that here?

How do you say that here?   In English, as in other global languages, there is more than one word to describe the same action, object, feeling, etc. Let’s look at the word bucket. The dictionary defines bucket as a “deep , cylindrical vessel, usually of metal, plastic, or wood, with a flat bottom and […]

Expressions with “Face”

Nowadays it’s very common to hear Brazilian people saying “face” to designate Facebook. However, this post has nothing to do with that “face”!

Here are some common expressions with the word “face” that might interest you.

What’s eating you?

The first time I came across this expression I was really curious as to what it could possibly mean. It appeared in the title of a movie featuring Leonardo di Caprio when he was only 19. The name of the movie is ‘What’s eating Gilbert Grape‘, and Johnny Depp plays the Gilbert from the title. […]

Golly Gee Whillikers

Relax, my dear readers. This blog is still in English. The title of this post is just to illustrate that sometimes you will come across some really odd words in English.

Sport Metaphors III

How are you guys doing? Great I hope. So, going back to our topic of sports metaphors, I’m going to talk about some that are connect to another of American’s greatest passion: Baseball.

Sport Metaphors II

Hello everybody.On my last post I talked to you about a few sport metaphors that are commonly used. Also they were quite general, referring to more than one sport activity. This time I want to address those that are related to American football. So, let’s start with my favorite one which is Monday morning quarterbacking. […]

Sport Metaphors I

Just the other day I was talking to a couple of friends when I realized how many sport metaphors we use during conversation. Actually, to be more accurate we use a lot of soccer analogies. And then it dawned on me to talk about that. You see, contrary to Brazil where the world of sports […]

What is ‘flat lined’?

If you watch the American TV series ‘Beauty and the Beast‘, you’ve probably heard the expression ‘to flat line’. If you don’t, this is your chance to know what the expression means. Well, ‘to flat line’ simply means ‘to die’. When a person is in hospital and is monitored by equipment, there is a monitor […]

All about Soccer – A bit about Cheering

This one is for those who like soccer (for the Americans) or ‘football‘ (for the rest of the world). Here are some expressions related to cheering. When you have a favorite team, you cheer for (or root for) them. You are their supporter. Examples: “What team do you cheer for?” = “What team do you root […]

Expressions – Looking good

  This is a continuation of the post “what do you look like“. You can use “look + adjective” to describe yourself, especially when it is something temporary. Examples: “After working such long hours, I looked awful.”“Doesn’t Joanne look different? I mean, maybe she has got a new haircut or something?” “I don’t know what […]

Vocabulary Practice – Expressions with “Blue”

There are many idiomatic expressions with colors in English. As blue is my favorite color, I decided this would be a good start. So, here they are: 1) into the blue: to disappear/depart suddenly, you don’t know where to. And then the white rabbit just vanished into the blue, as quickly as it had appeared. […]

English Expressions with Nerve

Who generally gets on your nerves? Expressions are an important part of any language. Learners need to be aware of them, learn and keep practicing their use in context. We´ve prepared this poster to help you with expressions related to nerve. Watch out because some expressions use nerve and others take nerves.