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When an ‘a-‘ is not an opposite

It was a winding path that led me to teaching the English language, which started with an interest in the development of language. I think you can appreciate language more when you have an idea of where it comes from, what has influenced it and how it has changed over its history. There is an […]

Improve your Listening Skills and Have Fun

Everyone loves music, everyone has a favorite song or artist. Lyrics Training is  a website  where you can improve you language skills in a fun and enjoyable way:  by listening to your  favorite songs! The website offers not only the song and its music clip, but also the lyrics with  gaps to be  filled in. You can choose […]

Follow-Through Habits Before You Quit

Teachers always encourage students to watch films to practice English, learn new expressions and become aware of pronunciations nuances in the different Englishes we hear around. Videos are still a great way to practice our comprehension skills, but sometimes we just need smaller bites. Now, with Youtube at our fingertips, even when we are waiting for […]

Learning English At Home

Our Executive Director Lúcia Santos learned about this site to practice English through videos at a conference for educators. The “Connect With English” series is fantastic for those students who are eager and motivated to practice English. On the platform, there are videos with stories that last an average of ten minutes. After you watch […]

Time is money! Expressions about money

  Today’s post is about a topic everyone is interested in: money! Since money is such an important part of everyday life, it is no wonder there are several words in English that refer to it. For example, Americans usually use the informal word bucks to refer to dollars. The British, in turn, use quid to refer to pounds. Americans have […]

Which word is correct: soda, pop, or coke?

What’s the general term that Americans use for a carbonated drink such as Coca Cola? Is it soda, pop, or coke? What do Americans call a rubber sole shoe worn in a gym class? Sneakers, gym shoes, or tennis shoes? The answer would really depend on geographic location: all of these words are widely used […]

Are you a curious person?

Are you a curious person? For example, would you like to learn more about the history of beer? Or maybe you are into science and want to know about the Big Bang? Or maybe you like design and architecture and would be interested in knowing more about the history of Bauhaus? As a language teacher […]

Do you speak English or American?

It is often said that the United States and England are two countries divided by a common language. Although for the most part the two varieties are mutually intelligible, there are a lot of differences between the two, especially as regards to pronunciation. In this video, you can explore some of these pronunciation differences.   […]

When X Factor Meets Learning

Part of studying a foreign language is devoting some of our time to having fun with the language. As a teacher, I usually try to find materials that are motivating and fun, and learning through media (movies, music, etc.) is one of the best ways to motivate practicing a new language. The clips below will […]

Animated Idioms Challenge – Part 2

This is a follow-up to an earlier post about idioms. If you haven’t read the original post yet, you can read it here. So, how many idioms were you able to identify in the following video?   The Idioms Challenge from Flavor on Vimeo. The idioms are listed in bold below in the order in […]

Animated Idioms Challenge – Part 1

An “idiom,” also known as an “idiomatic expression,” is defined by the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary as “a group of words whose meaning is different from the meanings of the individual words.” To give you one example, just think of the Portuguese expression “lavar roupa suja,” which has nothing to do with either washing or […]

Lost Interviews

Here’s a tip to help you practice your English while watching interviews with world-renowned celebrities. Now, these aren’t your typical interviews. Blank on Blank is actually an archive of lost interviews, which are then rediscovered, remixed, and reanimated. There you will find interviews with the likes of Jim Morrison, Ellen Degeneres, Bono Vox, Thom Yorke, […]

Finding Inspiration in a Poem

Motivation is probably the most frequently used term for explaining success or failure in any given task. It`s easy to assume that if students are motivated, they will learn more. Surely, there is much truth to this belief, and we should further our understanding of what motivation really is and learn how to use it in our favor. What […]

My English class is over. What do I do now?

Some English students think they will learn English just by attending their two classes a week and that will be it. Well, not so much. According to research, we learn languages through the same processes every child around the world does. We first listen to a “gazillion” words for almost a year, then we start […]

TED Talks

TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) is a global set of conferences put together to show “ideas worth spreading.”  TED talks are available online and they offer  the chance to listen to short talks delivered by inspiring speakers about many different topics. It’s a weekend ritual: I sit on my couch and watch a TED talk , […]

90-Second English Video Lessons with Vicky Hollett

  Vicky Hollett´s short videos are a wonderful way for you to practice your English in key areas of the language that might be confusing or challenging for English learners. Besides Vicky´s nice videos, she also offers their transcript for you to follow along. Check this one about the difference between interested and interesting: And, […]