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Travel x Trip

    Many students confuse when to use the words travel and trip. Here’s a quick explanation that is valid for most situations:            TRAVEL is a verb (action) – to move or go from one place to another      TRIP is a noun – a journey in which you go somewhere, […]

A bit of Brazil everywhere in the English speaking world

There are Brazilian immigrants  everywhere throughout the world, it seems. If you go to London, for example, you may find a “churrascaria” and even a restaurant that sells “bife com batata frita”. But what I believe is the most interesting and comforting thing is being able to see similar traditions and habits across different cultures. For example, […]

Traveling around the USA – Illinois

I can safely bet that most people who follow this blog has heard of the windy city Chicago. Though I wonder how many can tell me what state it is located. And an even harder question: if you know the state, can you tell me the capital? I’ll give you a tip: The Simpsons. Did […]