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Person, Persons, People, Peoples?

Did you know that the word person has two different plural forms? The most common plural form is people, but did you know that persons is also correct? Persons; however, is a very formal word, more frequently used in legal contexts. Take a look at this example, taken from English Grammar Today, Cambridge:      Any person or persons found in possession […]

What do you want to be when you grow up?

What do you want to be when you grow up? Everyone has heard this question at least once, right? Kids usually dream of being a famous soccer player or a successful singer or astronaut. However, when decision time hits the door, everyone tries to be more realistic to pursue a fulfilling career. Ok, the question now is: what professions […]

Improve your Listening Skills and Have Fun

Everyone loves music, everyone has a favorite song or artist. Lyrics Training is  a website  where you can improve you language skills in a fun and enjoyable way:  by listening to your  favorite songs! The website offers not only the song and its music clip, but also the lyrics with  gaps to be  filled in. You can choose […]

Expressions with “Finger”

There are, obviously, many idiomatic expressions that use the word finger, but I’ll show you the ones I think are most commonly used. Here’s my Top 10 list. 01) To have a finger in every pie: this one is used to talk about someone who’s very influential because he’s involved or has influence in many different […]

The World Cup in Brazil

Never has Brazil felt a World Cup so weirdly. In fact, the mix of a presidential election and the World Cup isn’t good. People in the country are in between being apathetic to necessarily happy. For example, putting a Brazilian flag on the car has become a demonstration of vote in the government. In addition, […]

Student Post – For Everything There Is a Season And a Time

  Engaging adult language learners in language courses is not an easy task. There are lots of peculiarities in adulthood that undermine suitable involvement. Good intention is not sufficient, and determination occurs only occasionally. Just to name a few other important aspects, we can consider: personal interests, goals, colleagues, teachers, new arising relationships and school […]