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April is poetry month

This year, Americans and Canadians are celebrating their 20th and 18th anniversary of National Poetry Month, respectively. It is a initiative from the Academy of American Poets and the League of Canadian poets to increase awareness and nurture appreciation of poetry in their countries, but everyone is invited. It involves poets, publishers, booksellers, libraries and […]

Sylvia Plath – the Poet and the Illustrator

You have probably heard of American writer Sylvia Plath. She was a a prolific poet, novelist and short story writer who had an untimely death at the age of 30. She was married to fellow poet Ted Hughes and they had two children together.What you probably don’t know, however, is that she was also a gifted illustrator. […]

Finding Inspiration in a Poem

Motivation is probably the most frequently used term for explaining success or failure in any given task. It`s easy to assume that if students are motivated, they will learn more. Surely, there is much truth to this belief, and we should further our understanding of what motivation really is and learn how to use it in our favor. What […]