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Multitasking to Boost Learning

Are you a busy person who has to work a lot and does not find time to practice your English? Are you? Well, I happen to understand what you are going through. I have been trying to learn Hebrew, but I just cannot find the time to devote to studying. I am motivated, but I […]

Acronyms for Text Messages

Do you know… what acronyms are? No?! Well, they are terms formed by the initial letters of the words present in a larger sentence. A very famous one would be FBI which stands for Federal Bureau of Investigation. Though interesting, I bet you’re wondering why on Earth I am  talking about acronyms. And the answer […]

iPads nas Salas de Aula da Thomas

Na Thomas, estamos sempre com o olhar no futuro, mas trabalhamos com os nossos alunos no presente. A Tecnologia Educacional permeia o nosso trabalho em sala de aula para facilitar o aprendizado, engajar os alunos, motivá-los, e, mais do que isso, prepará-los para utilizarem ferramentas digitais no estudo, bem como em  sua vida profissional. Sempre […]

APP up your Pronunciation in English

Our world is mobile and full of opportunities to learn English beyond classroom borders. If you want to keep practicing English even when your are not in your virtual classroom, here is an interesting app that you might want to check out: Sounds (by Macmillan) is an app that helps students study, practice and play with […]