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Learning from Movies 1 – Now You See Me

Are you a movie lover? Many of my students love learning from movies, and I love preparing movie activities  because motivation level is high and we learn more when this happens! Have you seen ‘Now You See It’? Yes? It’s great, right? No? Maybe you should give it a try! The plot is very interesting […]

Movie abbreviations

Abbreviations and acronyms are commonly used in English to talk about movies

The Oscar: How do You Say It?

The Oscar nominations have always generated quite a buzz in the media; however, the 2014 list of nominees has caught my attention for something other than the great performances given by the actors. The name of one of the nominees is so different that frankly I didn’t even know how to try to pronounce it! I am talking about British actor, […]

Ender’s game

Have you ever heard of Orson Scott Card?He is the American author who wrote Ender’s Game. One out of a saga of 16 books. But don’t get scared of reading it yet  because the novel is actually quite complete in this one book. Not quite sure of what I mean?! Well, what I am trying […]

Brazilian Cinema Exhibit

From September 17th to September 24th, Brasília will be hosting the 46th edition of Festival de Brasília do Cinema Brasileiro. This year’s event will take place at various venues around town, showcasing 30 different productions, which encompass varied genres such as short movies, documentaries, animations, and, naturally, feature films. The exhibit aims to display works […]

Movie News – Steve Jobs

Did you know that Steve Jobs… was adopted. together with Steve Wozniack named their company APPLE because they were huge fans of the Beatles and they liked the Beatles´Apple Records. owned over a 100 pairs of LEVI jeans. was homeless when he was in college and slept on friends´ houses floors. was a college dropout. […]

Movie Talk – Cartoons

The Croods is a 3D computer animated movie produced by DreamWorks and featuring the voices of famous movie stars like Nicholas Cage, Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds. It has proven itself a success earning more than $500 million and kick starting a new franchise that will result in a sequel and a TV series. However, […]

My English class is over. What do I do now?

Some English students think they will learn English just by attending their two classes a week and that will be it. Well, not so much. According to research, we learn languages through the same processes every child around the world does. We first listen to a “gazillion” words for almost a year, then we start […]

Movie Talk

Iron Man III is coming up and that gave me a boost to look up what’s in store for this year, cinema-wise, I mean. There are some quite impressive movies to be released. Shall we take a look?!       This one is coming up some time in May and I can’t hardly wait. […]

13 Reasons Why

  Have you read this book? If you haven’t, it is possibly because you haven’t heard about it. Well, ’13 Reasons Why’ is the debut novel of author Jay Asher. In this work of fiction he tells the story of the school boy Clay Jensen who arrives home and finds a shoebox-sized package by the […]

Scary Movie 5

Scheduled to come out on movie theaters all over the USA on April 12, Scary Movie 5 is rebooting the entire franchise. As usual it is parodying some of the most famous horror movies, like Paranormal Activity, and also the sci-fi Planet of the Apes, the drama Black Swan among other blockbusters. So, how much fun […]