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Imagine you call a friend and he can’t answer you at the moment. Then, he texts you: CMB L8R Would you understand his message? We are always in a hurry and abbreviations are here to help writing, specially in casual conversation contexts. They are easy to type and, most importantly, they save time. However, they […]

Travel x Trip

    Many students confuse when to use the words travel and trip. Here’s a quick explanation that is valid for most situations:            TRAVEL is a verb (action) – to move or go from one place to another      TRIP is a noun – a journey in which you go somewhere, […]

A bit of Brazil everywhere in the English speaking world

There are Brazilian immigrants  everywhere throughout the world, it seems. If you go to London, for example, you may find a “churrascaria” and even a restaurant that sells “bife com batata frita”. But what I believe is the most interesting and comforting thing is being able to see similar traditions and habits across different cultures. For example, […]

Pronunciation Tip #4

In order to keep up with the pronunciation tip posts, I had to revisit some of the most common pronunciation mistakes my students make. After looking into my notes, I came across one of them that is still current in many of my classrooms, even in the more advanced ones: The mispronunciation of the initial […]

Tips for Packing in your Next Trip

When you travel, do you pack light or do you carry lots of bags? People sometimes tend to carry more than they should just because they haven´t prepared things a bit in advance. For your next trip, check some information about packing at We can´t wait to hear more about your “packing style”, light or […]