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Discovering new accents

When I ask students why they have decided to learn English, many say that it’s important for their careers, for their future job prospects, so on and so forth. It upsets me a little bit, because for me, the incentive to learn English is because it’s a beautiful language. It takes something from practically every culture […]

Getting a Good Free Dictionary App for Learning

There are many different dictionary apps that you can download and use to become a more independent English learner. With a good app in our hands, you can look for definitions of some words, check pronunciation, and see how the words collocate with others to form sentences. However, there are so many options in the stores that […]

Are you a curious person?

Are you a curious person? For example, would you like to learn more about the history of beer? Or maybe you are into science and want to know about the Big Bang? Or maybe you like design and architecture and would be interested in knowing more about the history of Bauhaus? As a language teacher […]

Pronunciation – A Collection of English Accents

The Speech Accent Archive is a collection of a variety of English accents – both native and nonnative. The usefulness of this collection lies in the possibility of comparing and contrasting how English speakers pronounce things differently depending on their geographical area. Although the website might look a bit technical at first, especially because they […]

Music apps 2

Hey. So, today I decided to talk about an app which is quite interesting. In fact, it is not just an app, it is a bunch of apps. However I am only going to focus on one. Discovr is a paid app available on the app store which allows you to create a web of […]

MailVU – Unleash the Power of Videos

  I sometimes need to answer many mails, and I found an easy way to do it more meaningfully in no time. Have you heard of mailVU? This simple site lets you record messages really easily and send them via email. It can be used to improve your English too. You can just record a […]

Practicing Listening with Podcasts

Most students learning English say that one of their biggest problems is listening. There are many reasons they give: English speakers speak too fast, or they use too much slang, or they don’t pronounce words clearly enough, or… The list of reasons is endless, but the truth is that most people have a lot of […]

Brazil News — in English!

Everyone knows that exposure plays a central role in the learning of a foreign language. And thanks to the Internet, access to authentic materials and resources in English is at the click of a mouse. However, the seemingly unlimited number of resources can be very intimidating at times! Besides, it can be difficult to know […]

Student Post – For Everything There Is a Season And a Time

  Engaging adult language learners in language courses is not an easy task. There are lots of peculiarities in adulthood that undermine suitable involvement. Good intention is not sufficient, and determination occurs only occasionally. Just to name a few other important aspects, we can consider: personal interests, goals, colleagues, teachers, new arising relationships and school […]

Produção das Crianças nos iPads

  Criança adora desenhar. Criança adora expressar a sua criatividade por meio de traços e cores. Criança adora explicar o que desenhou. Com isso em mente,   resolvi fazer um pequeno projeto com os alunos do Junior Course. Depois de trabalharmos o vocabulário e a estrutura linguística em questão, pedi aos alunos que desenhassem e […]

My English class is over. What do I do now?

Some English students think they will learn English just by attending their two classes a week and that will be it. Well, not so much. According to research, we learn languages through the same processes every child around the world does. We first listen to a “gazillion” words for almost a year, then we start […]

The Phrasal Verb Machine

What is a phrasal verb?  It is a combination of verb and one or more adverbial or prepositional particles functioning as a single semantic unit and often having an idiomatic meaning that could not be predicted from the meaning of the individual parts. And that’s what you’ll find if you look it up on the […]

Using Digital Tools to Boost Learning

One of the great challenges of learning a language is remembering what we learn. One of the great advantage of being a 21st language learner is that you find many tools to help you keep track of what you learn and share with your teacher and classmates. One strategy that you can use to help […]