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Google cardboard As Learning Experiences

Google Cardboard and its apps offer the easiest way to experience virtual reality today.

Apps to Gamify Your English Practice

When you feel a little unmotivated to practice English, gamification, the concept of implementing elements of games into non-game contexts, might be the answer to give a boost to your language learning. Here are two very good examples of gamified practice in free apps for Android and iOS. Duolinguo has several lessons involving English practice to improve your […]

Developing Speed Reading for Exam Success

Students taking an exam preparation course for an examination such as the TOEFL test often face difficulties when it comes to developing the speed reading skills required to perform successfully. International exams such as TOEFL, IELTS, Michigan ECPE, and others often include long passages that candidates usually have trouble with–not so much because they lack the necessary […]

Getting a Good Free Dictionary App for Learning

There are many different dictionary apps that you can download and use to become a more independent English learner. With a good app in our hands, you can look for definitions of some words, check pronunciation, and see how the words collocate with others to form sentences. However, there are so many options in the stores that […]

Never Fail a Test Again!

Do you have a test coming up and need to study some concepts, words, or ideas? Are you traveling and need to learn some expressions to get by? Nowadays, we can use our gadgets to help us learn on the go. Organize a set of flashcard on your device and get ready to learn in […]

Music apps 2

Hey. So, today I decided to talk about an app which is quite interesting. In fact, it is not just an app, it is a bunch of apps. However I am only going to focus on one. Discovr is a paid app available on the app store which allows you to create a web of […]

Music apps

  If you are a fan of music and dicovering new bands, you’re going to love this app. Band of the day is an app available on the App store for iPhone. Everyday you open the app it will show you a brand new band and its hits, videos and bio. You’ll be surprised with […]