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Quiz: American Presidents

How many of these American presidents can you name? 1.    2.  3.   4.  . 5.    6.  After you´ve written down their names, click on the photos to check if you were right.

Music – Electric Guitars

Do you know when the electric guitar was invented? Can you identify the different types of electric guitars? If you are a rock´n´roll aficionado or simply an appreciator of curiousities in the music world, access right now and delve into the world of guitars!  

Curious about Science?

If you are the kind of person who is interested in astrophysics, climate change, biology, geology, marine science, zoology, paleontology, or even just curious about the first steps of a baby cub, the Smithsonian Science site is a perfect fit for you. While browsing around, you´ll find book reviews, videos, curious facts, simulations, and many […]