Day One Maker Faire Awesomeness

By 23 de setembro de 2018Maker Faire

There were hundreds of people sharing their work. As an educator who learned to see people wondering how things could be hacked, improved, made more ethical or effective, I could not help but smile every single time I heard someone say: “…and then I thought, what if I…”. With this line I heard a group of students talk about their new product - 5 Axis Maker -A cheap plug and play CNC. They seemed sure that their invention will be very useful at makerspaces.

With the same question in mind, the New York Hall of Science team came up with a wonderful station to teach people how to use tools and collect data. They had a bunch of questions on the walls and the answers were given by using one tool. For example: to answer the question what decade were you born? Students had to measure a piece of wood, cut it using a saw and display so that the demographic of the faire will be visible.


Another station that called my attention was the soldering one. Students also had a goal for their making. They should acquire maker skills to create their own International Morse Code gadget.


Limitless learning opportunities that should put the maker faire on top of the list of any educator willing to learn about the maker movement in educational settings.

SOLIDWORKS new app for kids  brings tinkering with3D modeling to a whole new level. Their sites brings lesson plans totally integrated with the Next Generation Science Curriculum.

Another highlight was the Maker Kit Itty_Bitty_City. It brings lego closer to STEAM projects for little makers.

I am sure we will see many other beautiful resources today. Stay tuned.

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